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Has been adhering to the "integrity, professionalism, refinement, innovation" management values

Zhejiang Kaili Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was established on February 21, 2014, with a registered capital of 60.58 million yuan。Existing company qualifications: ① Building decoration engineering professional contracting grade 1;② Building curtain wall engineering professional contracting grade 1;③ Grade B construction qualification of architectural decoration engineering design。


Kelly Decoration is a professional decoration company formed by management elites and technical backbone engaged in the decoration industry for many years。The company's capable project management team is mostly from the domestic well-known decoration enterprises to join the members,Has served in Greentown, Sunac, Binjiang and other domestic first-line real estate companies,The decoration projects completed by the team have a very high level and reputation from engineering quality to service quality,It is also an excellent cooperative supplier of housing enterprises such as Greentown。The company has sustained rapid and healthy development for many years,Pay attention to the overall construction of hardware and software,Training and accumulation of a large number of outstanding talents,Have a high level of leadership team and management team,It has more than 100 personnel with various professional and technical titles,Among them, more than 30 senior professional and technical titles,There are more than 10 first and second grade construction engineers,The company has administrative personnel department, finance department, Commerce Department, materials department, design department, engineering department, Marketing Department, customer service department and other departments,Each department has a clear division of labor,Liability to person,Ensure that all architectural decoration engineering design and construction projects are smoothly promoted, delivered on time and accepted without worry,The company focuses on shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, banks, clubs, waiting halls, subway stations and other architectural decoration projects and curtain wall construction,Is a comprehensive decoration enterprise。


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Kelly decoration has been adhering to the management values of "integrity, professionalism, refinement and innovation", to build quality life, build industrial ecology, share the concept of value creation, and join hands with excellent partners to enter a new era of decoration industry and share a better future。Advocate the "people-oriented, harmonious coexistence" service concept, committed to achieve social progress, customer satisfaction, enterprise development, employee growth of the multi-win company。By providing customers with products and services that exceed expectations in this industry field, we can return customers' trust and support for the enterprise and create a better life for customers。


In recent years, it is mainly committed to the batch decoration and construction of five-star hotels, office buildings and shopping malls, high-end villas and residences,And high-grade office buildings, Greentown boutique residential real estate and high-end villa facade curtain wall projects,Decoration part of the main project performance are: Green city Under Lake Hotel, Tongxiang Zhenshi Hotel, Lianyungang Huaguoshan International Hotel, Suzhou Center 8# building, Zhoushan New City Kaihong Square, Weifang Geer Green Town townhouse, Weifang Geer Green Town Kindergarten, Tongxiang Wanghu Bay, Qihe Green City Lily City A/B/C block public areas and other fine decoration projects;Curtain wall part of the main project performance are: Hangzhou New World Wealth Center, Wenzhou Xinxin Square, Jinan Quanyun Village K/L/T/Q block, Zhoushan Putuo/Dinghai Kaihong Square, Jiande Green City Spring Moon, Weifang Goer Green Town townhouses and other curtain wall projects。


Our company solemnly promise: if we have the honor to participate in the project, we will ensure that the project funds are dedicated, in full accordance with the requirements of the owner, to perform all work responsibilities。With reasonable, realistic price, first-class technology, dedicated to create perfect works for the project, to the satisfaction of the owner。

Zhejiang Kaili decoration engineering Co., LTD

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6F, Block A, Zhongcong Information Building, 352 Binkang Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou

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